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            Maximum earnings, minimum fuss.

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            Reliable payroll, real peace of mind.

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            These results are based on 40 hours per week and are potential take-home earnings. Your quote will depend on your individual circumstances so if you would like a personalised quote please contact our New Business team.

            Why choose PayStream?

            From the moment you sign up, you'll receive award-winning customer service from a company that's run by qualified accountants and lawyers.

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            Seamless services, maximum returns for minimum effort and a friendly, straightforward approach. For all this and more, you can count on PayStream.

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            Our Limited company services support your business on your mobile and online.

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            But hey, don’t just take our word for it


            of our clients would recommend PayStream to a colleague.


            of Umbrella employees when asked advised that they had not received better service elsewhere.


            of consultants asked agreed that PayStream was better than any other provider they had used.

            Work in recruitment?

            We offer real choice, innovative services and expert advice for recruitment agencies

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            UK Corporation Tax - Changes ahead

            HMRC vs well-known presenters

            What does the future tax landscape look like?

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